Honeycomb Solutions Advantages of ROTEC honeycomb seals

High quality

Strict compliance with high quality standards in the manufacture of honeycomb seals is predetermined by the requirements of the aviation industry, on whose products the safety and lives of many people depend.

  • The highest requirements for product quality are also due to the fact that ROTEC itself is one of its consumers, using honeycomb seals in the production of its own turbines in the Ural Turbine Plant.
  • The main technological processes are made on equipment of our own design. Modern technological and laboratory equipment allow us to achieve high quality products and precise dimensional accuracy. ROTEC production is equipped with a stand for field tests.
  • No defects during soldering.
  • The stability of the form and geometric dimensions is ensured by the production technology, and does not depend on the human factor: the range of cell sizes is 0.9 - 4.5 mm, the wall thickness is from 0.05 to 0.2 mm.

A wide range of products

  • Products are made from Russian alloys of type ЭИ435 (XH78T) or from imported materials (Hastelloy X). ROTEC production of honeycomb seals is located in Moscow Region.
  • Adapted for the Russian market range of basic material: ХН78Т (ЭИ435), XH60BT (ЭИ868), Hastelloy X, Steel 321, Haynes 214.
  • ROTEC manufactures honeycomb tape with pre-installed solder or already assembled on a plate. This greatly facilitates and shortens the installation time.
  • The use of honeycomb tapes with pressed tape solder improves the fabrication properties of production, reduces its cost, and improves the quality of soldered joints.

Shroud blocks

  • Shrouds and honeycomb seals used in steam and gas turbines.

Honeycomb tapes

  • Honeycomb tape of width from 4 to 250 mm and a height of 3.8 to 25mm.
  • Honeycomb tape with pre-installed Ni (Co) based solder.
  • Honeycomb tape of a complex configuration, step honeycomb tape.

Soldered segments

  • Ready seals in the form of rings and segments.

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