1 August 2014 year After the reconstruction of power Kirov TPP-3 increased more than 2 times

A new Kirov TPP-3 power generating unit was put in operation on July 31. An investment project worth 10.3 billion rubles was implemented by Integrated Power Systems under a large-scale program of putting into operation new capacities. The start-up ceremony was attended by Acting Governor of the Kirov Region Nikita Belykh and IPS CEO Boris Vainzikher.

The steam turbine for the new combined-cycle plant (CCP) and the CCP control and protection package were supplied by the Ural Turbine Works (ROTEC holding). ROTEC specialists have also provided a technical support to this investment project and controlled work completion dates, quality and safety.

Mikhail Lifshits, Director General, ROTEС CJSC: "The introduction of modern highly efficient cogeneration facilities is one of the tasks provided for in the Energy Strategy of Russia. Such combined-cycle plants, one of which was put in operation at the Kirov CHPP are characterized by high efficiency over 50% and low level of toxic emissions as compared to the conventional coal-fueled steam turbine plants operated at the majority of Russian TPPs. This is already a third major investment project implemented with the participation of ROTEС in 2014. Similar power generating units were put in operation at Izhevsk TPP-1 and Vladimir TPP-2."

Kirov TPP-3 supplied heat for Kirovo-Chepetsk industry and residential sector and electric power for Kirov Region consumers. The installed Kirov TPP-3 capacity was 160MW and thermal capacity 813GCal/h before the new power generating unit was put in operation. The reconstruction increased the electrical capacity by 230MW and thermal capacity by 136GCal/h. The new Kirov TPP-3 combined-cycle plant is the most economical and environmentally friendly generating equipment in the Kirov Region today.

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