22 May 2018 year AlfaStrakhovanie and ROTEC begin cooperation in the field of technological risk forecasting

AlfaStrakhovanie and ROTEC have signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of technological risk forecasting and insurance. The companies have agreed on the possibility of using the PRANA industrial equipment condition prognostics system for retrospective analysis of incidents which have led to the occurrence of insured events. Implementation of the system will speed up the payment of insurance claims. The partners also plan to explore the possibility of developing experimental scoring models for assessing risks associated with the operation of industrial equipment and its insurance cost.

Profound data analysis makes it possible to identify the true causes of accidents, which may include both constructional defects of equipment and improper use by employees. In the future, companies using prognostic analysis systems will be able to benefit from additional special terms of insurance for their production capabilities by reducing the potential for accidents and increasing transparency of operation and technical condition,” Egor Trishkin, lead key account manager of AlfaStrakhovanie PLC, explains.

Use of predictive analytics systems is capable of changing the existing practice of technological risk insurance. Prognostics is not just an effective way of preventing failures, but an objective criterion for investigating accidents which have already occurred. We expect that our cooperation will bring insurance of industrial risks to a new technological level,” Marianna Svetlosanova, Marketing and Business Development Director of ROTEC JSC’s PRANA project, commented.

As it analyses archive data on the operation of each specific unit, the PRANA System constructs adaptive mathematical models, with which it compares equipment operation parameters in online mode and constructs technical status change trends. It allows defects to be detected at a very early stage in their development, two or three months before they show themselves, i.e. lead to an accident. Implementation of the PRANA System at industrial facilities can improve equipment reliability, reduce unscheduled downtime and, above all, avoid accidents. The same method is used for retrospective analysis of incidents, with the PRANA System becoming an objective tool for identifying the causes of accidents.

AlfaStrakhovanie Group

includes AlfaStrakhovanie PLC, AlfaStrakhovanie-Life LLC, AlfaStrakhovanie-OMS LLC and Medicine AlfaStrakhovanie LLC. The Group’s own capital is RUB 14.3 bln. AlfaStrakhovanie Group is part of the financial and industrial Alfa-Group Consortium (Alfa-Bank, Alfa Capital, А1, Rosvodokanal, X5 Retail Group N.V.). Under its license, the Group offers more than 100 insurance services, including life and accident insurance products. AlfaStrakhovanie Group’s regional network includes more than 270 regional departments all over Russia. More than 24.8 mln customers use the Group’s services all over Russia. AlfaStrakhovanie Group has also been rated by Fitch as BB according to the international scale, and received the ruAA+ highest reliability rating from the Russian rating agency Expert RA.


The industrial holding which is engaged in the PRANA industrial equipment status prognostics system, design, engineering and general contracting in the construction of power engineering facilities and infrastructure. The company also develops and manufactures highly efficient systems of energy storage and accumulation based on supercapacitors. The PRANA System is an objective digital tool for detecting the causes of accidents at industrial facilities.

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