Coating Center Coating Center

The main areas for coating application are:

  • Aerospace Engineering

  • Power engineering industry

  • Oil-and-gas machine building

  • Toolmaking industry

Coatings shall be applied to provide items with new properties (resistance to corrosion, erosion, wear, abrasion, impact stress, providing surface biocompatibility, electrical or radio-frequency characteristics, etc.).

Project Summary

The main objects of the Center

  • To create in the Russian Federation a new, well-equipped platform for Research and Development in the area of surface technologies, the development and implementation of technologies to meet the requirements of Russian enterprises;

  • To localize technologies in a number of focus areas, which are key ones to ensure the competitiveness of domestic enterprises;

  • To enable the specialists of domestic enterprises, scientific research institutes, institutions of higher education and corporate Research and Development centers to have access to Western know-how, the team of scientists and equipment;

  • To ensure the transfer of world experience in marketing and commercialization of new technologies to commercialize the achievements of Russian Science;

  • To expand the list of industries of the Russian Federation that have mastered the technologies in question.

Objectives definition

The Center will be structured to achieve the following main objectives:


Four types of technologies will be presented in the Center:

  • welding

  • gas-thermal

  • coatings thin films

  • surface modification

Hybrid technologies of Plasma Spray-Thin Film/PVD/CVD, RotaPlasma – technologies that are not available in Russia


The Center for coatings is located on the territory of the Ural Turbine Works, JSC in Yekaterinburg.