25 July 2016 year Energy Minister of Russian Federation Alexander Novak told President Vladimir Putin about Hot-Duct Gas-Turbine Parts Refurbishment Center

Vladimir Putin had a working meeting with Energy Minister Alexander Novak to discuss the situation in the fuel and energy sector. During the meetting Alexander Novak reported to the President on the state of the industry, including the progress of import substitution in the energy sector. As well, the Minister mentioned Hot-Duct Gas-Turbine Parts Refurbishment Center, project of JSC “ROTEC”, opened in Yekaterinburg in May 2016.

Energy Minister Alexander Novak:

I want to say a few words about import replacement. All companies have got actively involved in this work and, working with the state companies and state management system, have drawn up individual import replacement programmes and long-term contracts with Russian companies, and we are now seeing the fruits.

I can say, in particular, that in the electricity sector, one of the problems we had was that we were completely dependent on imported generation equipment, especially the hot section blades.

This year, in Yekaterinburg, ROTEK Company, working at the Urals Turbine Plant, has mastered the repair and maintenance of these blades at our gas turbine generator facilities.

Vladimir Putin:

So, our energy companies are increasing their orders with our industrial companies?

Alexander Novak:

Yes, and our companies are now taking this entire market.

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Source: Official Website of the President of Russia

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