Energy storage systems Energy Storage Units (Supercapacitor)

The TEEMP («ТЭЭМП») Company is a Russian manufacturer of supercapacitors and highly efficient energy accumulation and storage systems based on them.

  • Production capacity is 200,000 cells per year;
  • Patented supercapacitors design and manufacture technology;
  • Uniform cells with a capacity from 500 to 3000F;
  • Operating temperature range is from -60 °C to + 85 °C;
  • Area of application: motor vehicles and special equipment, railway transport, aviation, renewable and traditional energy, robotics, research equipment.
Turnkey solutions:

  • Cold start systems for heavy machinery, railway engineering, aviation;
  • Start-stop systems for public and cargo transport;
  • Solutions for hybrid transport;
  • Reactive power compensation solutions;
  • Uninterruptable power sources (UPS);
  • UPS for variable frequency drive.

You can read more on the TEEMP Company’s website