7 June 2013 year First in Russia remote diesel/solar power plant has been built in the settlement of Yailyu, Altai Territory

First in Russia remote diesel/solar power station with a 100kW capacity has been built in the settlement of Yailyu, Altai Territory. It was commissioned at an inauguration ceremony on June 7. The project was completed by ROTEC ZAO (General Contractor for the power station design and construction), Hevel Ltd. (manufacturer of the thin film solar energy converters) as well as Physics and Technology Institute named after A.F. Ioffe, Russian Academy of Sciences.

“At present, 70% of the territory of the Russian Federation is located beyond the zone of the centralized power supply,” comments Mikhail Lifshits, ROTEC ZAO Director General. “Usually, power is supplied to settlements in such areas by diesel generators. However, their efficiency depends on trouble-free operation of equipment and continuous fuel supply, which realistically cannot be achieved in 100% of remote settlements. This problem can be solved by means of construction of diesel solar power station. The experience in Yailyu proves the viability of this solution.”

Whereas the inhabitants of Yailyu (about 200 people) used to power supply limited to several hours a day, per schedule, from now on power supply will be uninterrupted. The experience in Yailyu showed that the operation time of the diesel power station had decreased by more than twice, which means considerable savings in fuel consumption (up to 60%). Furthermore, the solar unit equipment is highly reliable and has a long service life exceeding the service life of regular diesel generators.

ROTEC ZAO, Hevel Ltd. and the Physics and Technology Institute named after A.F. Ioffe have produced three units within the framework of a 2-year government contract with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation – combined diesel/solar units for St. Petersburg and Yyailyu and one solar unit for Cheboksary. All three units contain Russian components.

The project has been implemented within the framework of the federal target program “Research and design in priority areas of development of the science and technology sector in Russia for 2007-2013” in the subject “Design of thin film photovoltaic modules of tandem type with improved performance characteristics to be used by autonomous and network power installations with setting up of pilot production of photovoltaic modules.”

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