Honeycomb Solutions Honeycomb seals in power generation

For 7 years, ROTEC JSC has been a constant leader in the Russian market for servicing heavy industrial gas turbines. The statistics gathered over this period proves the calculations, according to which the use of honeycomb seals in industrial gas/ steam turbines and compressors reduces the specific consumption of reference fuel when the turbine is operating at 4.84 g/kWh, and in monetary terms it is about 5 million rubles a year.

The difference between honeycomb seals produced using bend-unbend technology* (on the left) and ROTEC honeycomb seals (on the right) is shown in the photo).

*Traditionally, at enterprises, honeycomb is produced using «bend-unbend» technology.

Industrial gas turbine engines and installations: GTD-20; GTE-16PA; Siemens SGT-800; SGT-700; SGT-600; GE-6B; GE-6F; GE-9E; ALSTOM GT24.

Industrial steam turbines: P-100; T-120/130; T-250/305; T-285/335; T-295/335; T-50/60; T-60-65; PT-150/165; PT-90/120; PT-50-60; K-63-8.8; K-300-240; K-500-240; K-660-247; K-800-240; K-1200-6.8 / 50.

Mechanical drives of gas pumping units: NK-14ST; NK-36ST; GTK-10I; GTE-6, GTE-16.

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