Honeycomb Solutions Honeycomb Solutions
What do modern jet planes, thermal power plants and gas pumping stations have in common?  
— Honeycomb seals are used everywhere.

High-quality honeycomb seals are an integral element in the design of aircraft engines and modern gas and steam turbines.

Honeycomb seals – are an advanced type of filler using a honeycomb structure that reduces radial clearances from 1.5 mm to 0.5 mm, increases relative efficiency by up to 5%, respectively reducing fuel consumption and reducing abrasive wear of the turbine flow section.

ROTEC was the first in Russia to open specialized production of running-in honeycomb seals that meet the highest standards of aircraft engine building, honeycomb blocks (shrouds) and honeycomb tape for steam and gas turbines and turbo-compressors. Because of the high export potential, up to 50% of the production capacity will cover demand of partners from abroad.

Advantages of ROTEC honeycomb seals

Honeycomb seals in the avation industry

Honeycomb seals in power generation