17 July 2014 year Installation of a turbine to be upgraded by the Ural Turbine Works started at the Pavlodar TPP-3, Kazakhstan

UTW CJSC is upgrading the T-100/120-130-2 turbine located at power generating unit #5 of the Pavlodar TPP-3, Kazakhstan. The equipment has been shipped, and works began at the plant. The installation is supervised by Ural Turbine Works specialists. The turbine will be put in operation in October 2014.

Two similar turbines will be upgraded at power generating units #4 and #6 under the Pavlodar TPP-3 investment program in 2015 and 2016, respectively. Orders related to the first turbine have already been placed in production.

The turbines will be subjected to thorough upgrading involving the replacement of high-pressure cylinders. Overaged turbine components and parts operated at high temperature will be replaced. Not only turbine life (220,000 hours or about 30 years) will be restored, but its capacity will also be increased as a result of upgrading. Each upgraded turbine will generate 20MW more, which is important for ensuring a reliable plant operation in a broad range of loads with increased environmental and economic indicators.

Pavlodar TPP-3 is a Pavlodarenergo JSC enterprise, which, in turn, is a part of Central-Asian Electric Power Corporation JSC (CAEPC JSC). Pavlodar TPP-3 is one of the largest thermal power plants in Kazakhstan, it supplies electric power and heat to the Northern District of Pavlodar, a regional center where large metallurgical works and oil refineries are located.

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