17 February 2014 year Kirov CHP-4 Announces Successful Trial Runs of UTW Turbine

A trial run of Tn-65 steam turbine manufactured by UTW was carried at Kirov CHP-4 (IES-Holding) last week.  This is the first of three turbines that UTW is contracted to build for the plant. The trial run was carried out to identify equipment faults and insure that all components were assembled properly. During the trial run of Tn-65 steam turbine, the tests of all systems of the turbine unit were carried out.

"The start-up was successful and we didn't find any defects or poor craftsmanship, - says Dmitriy Trushkov, Director of the Kirov branch of TGC-5. - This is a big step to the commissioning of new capacity at Kirov CHP-4."

The integration of the turbine unit into the Russian unified energy system is scheduled for March 2014.

At the same time the plant continues to work hard to commission its T-120 turbine at the start-up complex 2. The installation of supports for primary and auxiliary equipment is completed.
Pumping units and bottom halves of the cylinders are also completed. The erection of steel constructions (columns and slabs) is ongoing.

Once two turbines begin operation, Kirov CHP-4 will improve its cost and performance indicators and increase its power   generation capacity up to 345 MW.

We remind that this investment project of IES-Holding aims to reduce the deficit of the electric power capacity in the Kirov grid and enhance the reliability of power supply.

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