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ROTEC, JSC together with the Ural Turbine Works (UTW), a part of ROTEC Holding, performs works on investment and construction contracts – EPC.

Under EPC-contracts the following works are performed: 

  • Engineering — survey, design and coordination works

  • Procurement – materials and equipment supply

  • Construction – construction, assembly and commissioning works

Ulan Bator, TPP-4:

In March 2015, ROTEC Holding finished the implementation of the export project – construction of turbine-type generator No. 7 with a capacity of 123 MW at the Ulan Bator TPP-4. The project had significant social and economic importance. It was the largest energy construction in Mongolia over the past twenty years. Commissioning a new turbine-type generator provided for a 13% increase in the capacity of the country’s power system and met the growing needs for energy resources.


ROTEC has considerable experience in engineering and construction of energy and infrastructure facilities. Scope of power capacities created or reconstructed: 2.7 Gigawatts.

Largest engineering projects:

ProjectCustomerImplementation time frame

Construction of Akademicheskaya TPP

Volga TGC

2014 – 2016

Reconstruction of Nizhneturinskaya GRES (State District Power Plant) using combined cycle unit – 460 MW

Volga TGC

2013 – 2016

General contract + design: 
Technology upgrade a thermal circuit and steam turbine PТ-60-130/13, Kazan TPP-3


2013 – 2016

TPP-4 expansion, Ulan-Bator, Mongolia using turbine-type generator T120/130-130-8MO

Dulany IV Tsahialganstants HC

2013 – 2015

Reconstruction of Izhevskaya TPP-1 using combined cycle unit – 230 MW


2012 – 2014

Reconstruction of Vladimirskaya TPP-2 using combined cycle unit – 230 MW


2011 – 2014

Reconstruction of Kirovskaya TPP-3 using combined cycle unit – 220 MW


2012 – 2014

Reconstruction of Novogorkovskaya TPP using combined cycle unit – 330 MW


2011 – 2014

Permskaya TPP-9 expansion using combined cycle unit – 165 MW


2011 – 2014

Retrofitting of Novokuibyshevskaya TPP using combined cycle unit – 240 MW

Volga TGC

2011 – 2013

2018-01-30 nizhneturinskaya-epc.png
Nizhneturinskaya GRES (State District Power Plant)

Ongoing engineering projects

2018-01-30 solikamsk-epc.png
Construction of a gas engine power plant for Solikamskbumprom, JSC

ProjectCustomerImplementation time frame

Installation of 10 mini-power plants in the Primorsky region for the needs of the ANO Centr Amursky Tigr

ANO Centr Amursky Tigr2017 – 2018

General contract + design: 
Reconstruction of Solikamsk TPP using gas engine modules 19х3 MW


2016 – 2018

General contract + design: 
Ammonia production, Kingisepp sity. Construction of the power plant – Steam Turbine Unit 12 Mw


2016 – 2018

General contract + design: 
Reconstruction of buildings and structures complex Zultcer Hemteh

Zultcer Hemteh

2016 – 2018

General contract: 
Works on reconstruction of the right bank waste treatment facilities, 1-3 stages

MU construction project owner, Ulan-Ude

2017 – 2020

Capital construction Kekura Substation PS 110/6 kV

Base metals

2017 – 2018

Construction of substation 110/6 kV and ETL Razrez Arshanovsky 110 kV

Razrez Arshanovsky

2017 – 2018

Reconstruction of power unit st. No. 9 TPP-22 with the replacement of turbine T-250/300

Gazprom energoholding

2015 – 2019

Reconstruction of Minsk TPP-3 with the retiring capacities replacement. 
Turbine Tp 115/130-12
.8, the boiler E-500-13.8-560


2017 – 2018

2018-01-30 kingisepp-epc.png
Construction of TPP for EuroChem-North-West, JSC, Kingisepp city

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