5 June 2013 year Mikhail Lifshits: “Energy development program shall be flexible”

“Energy development program is not an epitaph. It shall be flexible and adaptable to the economic environment and unique features of the specific areas. It is impossible to follow the logic of the program adopted ten years ago. We used to live in another world those days, which has considerably changed since then,” commented Mikhail Lifshits, ROTEC ZAO Director General at the round-table conference “Retrofitting of the Russian power generating sector: Time is ticking away” organized by Siemens in Moscow.

The “round table” in Moscow is one of six discussions organized in different countries prior to the World Energy Congress that will take place in South Korea in October. The representatives of the following companies participated in the discussion: Oleg Budarin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the OJSC “Federal Grid Company of the Unified Energy System”, Sergei Shmatko, special envoy of the President in international cooperation in electric power industry, Vitaliy Yakovlev, Mosenergo OAO Director General, Michael Zeus, Siemens AG Board Member and Energy Sector Director General.

The participants of the “round table” discussed the specifics of the Russian power generation sector upgrading, development prospects of the private-public participation in this field and growing rates. In the course of discussion, special emphasis has been placed on the use of renewable power sources.

“Development of renewable power sources not only provides the remote areas with environmentally friendly and cost effective electricity but also facilitates their growth because the arrival of, let’s say, solar power station in such areas means the arrival of civilization,” emphasized Mikhail Lifshits.

The next “round table” discussion is scheduled for July and will be organized in the USA. Other discussions will be held in China, UAE and South Korea.

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