26 February 2015 year Mikhail Lifshitz has taken part in the common electricity market concept discussion

On 25 February, a meeting of the Energy Advisory Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission Board took place. Representatives of the government services and businesses of the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union discussed the program of creation of a common energy market.

The meeting was attended by CEO of ROTEC CJSC, Mikhail Lifshitz.

"This is an exciting and vibrant event. The presence in our traditional markets of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia is very important for us. We are well acquainted with the energy markets of these states: we use the same language, the same standards, while our employees studied in the same universities. We all use centralized heat supply system in our cities. Our Ural Turbine Works is an acknowledged leader in production of cogeneration steam turbines, ROTEС is a leading company in the sphere of service of heavy gas turbines, and both companies are focused on long-term, "scheduled", if you like, co-operation with generation companies. Export contracts in today's extremely difficult conditions for our Russian customers are particularly important. Assistance for the Advisory Board is not only an opportunity to look into the future of the common energy market, but also a chance to take part in its formation, to synchronize the development strategies of our enterprises with the modern demands", says Mikhail Lifshitz.

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