3 April 2019 year Mikhail Lifshitz reelected to the Sulzer’s Board of Directors

Зульцер СД_03.04.2019_585_big.jpg

April 03, 2019

At the Annual General Meeting of Sulzer Ltd in Winterthur (Switzerland) shareholders approved all proposals of the Board of Directors and reelected Mikhail Lifshitz as member of the Board of Directors.

Peter Löscher was reelected as member and Chairman of the Board of Directors for a one-year term. The shareholders reelected Matthias Bichsel, Lukas Braunschweiler, Marco Musetti, Gerhard Roiss and Hanne Birgitte Breinbjerg Sørensen as members of the Board of Directors for another one-year term of office.

Mikhail Lifshitz was elected as a member of Strategy Committee.

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