Board of Directors
Mikhail Lifshitz
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Was born on May 4, 1963 in Moscow. Graduated from Bauman State Technical University, Moscow and Kaluga Aviation Training College.

Chairman of the Board and a co-owner of:

  • ROTEC JSC (machine-building, engineering and predictive analytic solutions for industrial assets);
  • Ural Turbine Works LLC (power generation equipment manufacturer, inc. steam turbines and related machinery);
  • TEEMP LLC (supercapacitors manufacturer and provider of energy storage solutions).

Member of the Board of:

  • Sulzer AG (pumping solutions, services for rotating equipment, separation, mixing and application technology)
  • SOLIDpower S.p.a. (high-temperature fuel cell systems for power and heat generation)
  • Hevel (Russia's largest solar energy company)
  • Oerlikon AG (2013-2015)

Holder of 37 Russian and international patents for inventions.

Honoured Mechanical Engineer of the Russian Federation and Honorary Power Engineer of Mongolia.

Projects Portfolio

Global Edge Group: cutting and grinding tools manufacturing, comprehensive wood-processing equipment supplies.

Corund Abrasive Tools Works: Russia’s first manufacturing of a complete range of grinding belts, including segmented belts for wood processing and metallurgical industries.

ROTEC is the first Russian high-capacity gas power turbine maintenance company that operates independently of international equipment manufacturers. In six years the company has occupied a 20 % domestic market share.

Skolkovo Technopark: design and development of the project of Europe’s largest technology park.

Ural Turbine Works: a reconstruction and upgrade program. The new turbine time-to-market has been reduced to a year; new condensing and marine steam turbines have been introduced. The company revenue has raised fivefold; up to 50 % of the output is exported.

PRANA Predictive Diagnostics Hardware and Software Suite: Russia’s first patented industrial IoT solution for manufacturing equipment diagnostics and predictive analytics. 2015: the first power gas turbine was connected to the system. 2017: the system was put into commercial service. PRANA is used to monitor generating assets at Mosenergo PJSC; Tatenerego JSC; T Plus PJSC.

TEEMP: manufacturing of advanced energy storage solutions with a proprietary patented technology. 2015: TEEMP supercapacitor storage system was developed. In 2016-2017 the supercapacitor module technology was developed, tested, and the manufacturing was launched. The company products are already in service in Russia and are exported.

ROTEC GT is Russia’s first manufacturing facility with an end-to-end capability to manufacture new turbine blades and to overhaul hot gas path components of high-capacity power gas turbines.

Hevel: manufacturing facility upgrade; a new technology to manufacture HJT heterojunction solar power modules has been implemented. The new-generation modules combine the advantages of thin-film and crystal-based technologies. Today Hevel is Europe's only industrial solar module manufacturer. The modules are on the global Top-3 list in terms of efficiency (over 22 %)

Sulzer Chemtech plant construction: manufacturing of mass-transfer equipment for oil & gas, petrochemical and chemical industries (Sulzer Chemtech facility in Serpukhov, Moscow Region). Today it is the company’s primary manufacturing division. It delivers products to Russian and European markets.