13 November 2018 year New features of the PRANA prognostics system simplify working with big data

The state Register of computer programs includes the new program modules of the PRANA prognostic system. They are intended to emulate possible accidents and malfunctions, to automate technical reporting, and also to automatically update digital models after repair or service of the equipment.

One of the new modules is designed for 3D imaging of thermal fields. With its help, the specialists of the Situation Center create visual models of temperature distribution in the equipment units. 3D imaging includes not only data about the temperature level of the sensor group, but also information about its change over time.

2018-11-13 3D-1.jpg

Fig. 1 Distribution of temperature fields for the steam
turbine thrust bearing

With the help of this tool, experts can analyze the condition of almost all the gas turbine units — air preparation system, air distributor, compressor stages, combustion chambers, fuel-feed system, automatic control system, and the gas turbine stages. For example, a change in the color and location of heat spots can detect an increase in pressure drops in the air filter, off-performance of the control system, pollution or damage to the compressor, uneven fuel supply and contamination of the burners in the combustion chambers, and damage to the blades of the power turbine. Moreover, 3D imaging of the thermal field is also used to analyze the state of individual units of the gas turbine that are not related to the fuel combustion cycle, for example, support bearings or generator electrical coils.

A 3D heat field map is a multipurpose diagnostic instrument that can display changes over time of any two-dimensional parameters and correlations — its visibility and ease of use greatly simplify working with big data.

2018-11-13 3D-2.jpg

Fig. 2 Distribution of temperature fields on gas turbine exhaust in different operating modes

PRANA prognostics system is an industrial IoT-solution that prevents defects and accidents in industrial equipment. The system creates a mathematical model of the unit on the basis of data on its operation in the normal state. A similar model is created and updated online – it reflects the current state of the equipment. Comparison of the two digital images facilitates determination of deviations with high accuracy. PRANA automatically identifies the top 10 causes of the deviation and calculates when they may cause a problem. The experts of the ROTEK Situational Center analyze the indications of the system and find faults in the equipment. Thus, PRANA ensures safe and efficient operation of the equipment.

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