19 March 2015 year New power-generating unit of Ulaanbaatar CHPP-4 is ready for operation

Russian power engineers have successfully completed performance testing of the new turbine unit of installed electrical capacity 123 MW at Ulaanbaatar CHPP-4 in Mongolia.
Performance capabilities of all units parts load were checked during testing. The power unit has confirmed committed capacity supplied to the mains.


Construction of a new power unit at the plant is one of the first projects of technological cooperation between Russian and Mongolian power engineers over the past 20 years. Ural Turbine Works, part of ROTEC Holding Company, worked as a general contractor for the construction of this power facility as a supplier of the main equipment. Construction and installation works were performed by Energy Construction Corporation SOYUZ, integrated into Holding Company SOYUZ.

Ulaanbaatar CHPP-4 was designed and built in 1987 with the use of Russian technologies and equipment. It is the largest energy generating plant in Mongolia. The new turbine unit will become the fourth power plant at Ulaanbaatar CHPP-4 manufactured by Ural Turbine Works.

"The turbine Т-120/130-130-8МО installed at the plant was designed on the platform of model T-100 — the top-of-the-range of the products by Ural Turbine Works. Along with maintaining the best features of T-100, a number of advanced design and technological solutions was embodied in the new turbine. For example, the turbine is equipped with control and protection system with the use of microprocessor-based control technology based on the home-designed technological solutions. Service life of the turbine is designed to amount 40 years in operation," — said Igor Sorochan, Director General of UTW CJSC.

After commissioning of the new turbine unit, installed electric power of the plant with steam extraction for central heating will be 693 MW, and maximum will reach 790 MW.


"Completed performance testing is the last stage of works prior to putting the turbine into operation. During 72 hours the equipment worked under rated load and with design steam parameters. During this time we have tested combined operation of the main units and all the auxiliary equipment, so the new power-generating unit is perfectly ready for operation", — said Leonid Rayetskiy, Vice-President of ECC SOYUZ.

Installed heat energy generation of the modernized power plant for consumers of Ulaanbaatar will be significantly increased — from 1185 Gcal/h to 1373 Gcal/h.

This project has a significant industrial and social importance with regard to the growing demand for heat and electricity from local industry and population of the capital of Mongolia to satisfy their needs as completely as possible.

On March 20 the official ceremony of power unit stat-up will take place
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