19 September 2018 year New PRANA System Forecasting Features Patented

ROTEC has officially received a patent for its new PRANA system forecasting feature: “Method and Logging System for Turbine Generator Unit Residual Service Life Estimation.”

When analyzing gas turbine performance, PRANA automatically estimates the remaining service life of the combustion liner bottom, combustor internals, mixers, vanes and blades based on equivalent operating hours and the number of startups. Its objective equipment/component status and remaining service life estimations also help plan well-timed maintenance activities, reduce spare part and repair kit costs, and optimize maintenance periods and scope.

This new feature further expands the already available forecasting capabilities: the system now identifies the equipment degradation cause and location 2 to 3 months prior to a possible accident. To accomplish this, PRANA acquires operational equipment performance data and estimates its limit state with regression analysis. The data are used to create a reference model of each equipment unit. PRANA then compares unit performance in real time to its ideal model. This approach is highly sensitive, so the risk of unplanned downtime is greatly reduced.

PRANA was developed over a span of five years by a team of experienced power engineers, mathematicians and programmers. It was the first Russian forecasting and decision-making support system to be launched commercially at actual power plants. Throughout its service, PRANA has already prevented over 150 accidents at operational power plants. Today, over 80 primary generating units are connected to the system, including gas and steam turbines, booster compressors, HRSGs, and other equipment. PRANA is also in the Russian National Software Register. The system holds 13 certificates for software and data processing procedures.

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