29 May 2013 year Oerlikon anticipates 20% annual growth of the volume of application of thin film coating on diesel engine components

Oerlikon Balzers, a thin film coatings division of the Swiss company Oerlikon, anticipates 20% annual growth of the volume of application of coating on diesel engine components. According to the data provided by Oerlikon, over the last several years this indicator has been exceeding 10 mln diesel engines per year.

In 2012, Oerlikon Balzers applied coating on more than 12 mln piston pins, whereas the annual market capacity is 300 mln items. According to Oerlikon experts’ opinion, the niche service is turning into a large-scale service.

Thin film coatings improve the engine efficiency, reduce the content of harmful substances in exhaust gases, cut down the fuel consumption by as much as 10%.

Another promising business line of the division is application of thin film coating in gasoline injector engines and in aviation industry, including control systems, engines and landing gears.

“Coating is one of the factors enhancing the efficiency and marketability of the products manufactured by our clients,” says Mikhail Lifshits, Member of Oerlikon Board of Directors. “It is one of the core products we promote in Russian machine building, power and aircraft engineering.”

Oerlikon commissioned a coating facility in Elektrostal (Russia, Moscow Region) in 2010.

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