17 September 2015 year Pilot Svetlana Kapanina has visited ROTEC Moscow office and talked to its employees

The ROTEC employees asked this charming lady, the most titled pilot of the planet, a lot of questions: what did she begin with, was she scared of flying, what is the situation in sport aviation of the country...

Svetlana Kapanina: Upon graduating from medical school, I was sent to Kurgan city. There I wanted to enroll in a jump school, but was enrolled in an airplane school instead. Someone met me in the corridor and said ‘It is more interesting in our school.’ Since then I have been flying. I started with a training airplane Yak-52, then - Su-26 and its upgraded versions (a sport airplane manufactured by Sukhoi Company), now I aviate Extra (a German sport airplane) too.


- Is the competition high?

- Yes, sure. French pilots are very professional. Situation with women is difficult now in both the world and Russia. If previously we could have three women teams, say nothing of men ones, now we have only two women who can adequately participate in world-standard championships in unlimited class, all the rest are still weak. Earlier we had 60 hours of flying per year. Now we have maximum 15 hours. Just in order to get used to and adapt to G-force after a break in a new season, you need at least 10 hours of flying. Since we fly little now, breaks between flights are long and we have no possibility to prepare to the G-force, we fly straight with negative G, but it is hard and harmful to health...

- Did you like the airplane you aviated during the world championship?

- We have three airplanes with powerful engines, 420 HP, but this year they have not been used because of lack of financing to repair them. Our team has used rented airplanes, not the best ones, unfortunately. They are equipped with old engines, 360 HP. Besides, they are rather heavy. They lost the picture of flight though the pilots made no mistakes and pilotage quality was at worthy level, but not charming…

- Do you feel any emotions after so many years of flying, or you just treat flights as your job?

- Many people ask me this question, and I don't know what to answer. Certainly, it is not just a job... Sportsmen most likely continue their career because of the emotions, the adrenaline they cannot get in everyday life, on the ground. You cannot forget emotions. Adrenaline cannot be over. At competitions, even during drawing procedure, I still tremble, as if it were for the first time...

Svetlana expressed her appreciation to the ROTEC management and employees for the support provided.

On the 28th Aerial Acrobatics World Championship, held in August this year, in France, Russian pilots Svetlana Kapanina and Mikhail Mamistov became silver medalists in Absolute Championship.

ROTEC was Svetlana's partner during the competition.

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