1 July 2019 year PRANA Predictive Analytics System will be able to calculate Technical and Economic Indicators for Industrial Facilities

Experts from the PRANA Predictive Analytics and Remote Monitoring System have started an alpha testing of a new software and data system capable of tracking and providing calculation of technical and economic indicators (TEI) for the connected facility in 24-hour automatic mode.

TEI calculation aims providing unique reliable and operative information on the operation efficiency of the core equipment for operational personnel and company management, in order to make decisions on performance optimization and maintenance. Continuous monitoring performance using automated systems is necessary for maintaining high efficiency of equipment. It is determined by a large volume of process parameters and specific features of the equipment producing electric power.

The creation of a TEI calculation system with deep integration into PRANA System pursues several goals and offers a range of unique possibilities to users. First of all, statistical data collected by PRANA System indicates that around 70% of all deviations detected in equipment operation are related to incorrect readings of measuring devices at generation units. This circumstance is conditioned by a range of economic, technical and structural reasons and this relation will not change considerably through modern technological development. It is this data that is used for calculation of TEI by specialists of IEDs (industrial engineering departments) at enterprises. It is easy to assume that the results of such calculations would be highly relative, and would, instead of improving production efficiency, provoke additional process and financial costs.

The new software module will perform continuous monitoring of fuel consumption to generate heat and electric power, considering the actual equipment state and tracking the trends of its change during operation. In this case, savings will be provided due to the performance of timely repair works and the equipment operation modes correction.

At present, there are several automated measuring systems on the market used for calculation of technical and economic indicators (AMS of TEI), which permit to ensure calculation of the main TEI for a power unit and СНР in general in real-time. However, compared to these, the PRANA System has considerable advantages: power unit TEI calculation is conducted in parallel with deeper analysis comprising a greater number of process parameters. This means that the System can automatically associate deviations of any indicator with a set of parameters, which served as the initial cause for the deviation.

The software system is created with the perspective of continuous improvement and life-long support conducted by the experts at the PRANA System Situational Center.

ROTEC JSC ( − is a company specializing in monitoring and predictive analytics of industrial equipment condition (PRANA system), design, engineering and general contractor services in the power engineering facilities and infrastructure construction, development and production of high quality honeycomb seals for the aviation industry and power engineering, highly efficient energy accumulation and storage systems based on supercapacitors, and the manufacture, modernization and maintenance of main power equipment.  

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