1 June 2017 year PRANA prognostics system will ensure the reliability of power-generating units at Kazan CHPP-1

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum saw the conclusion of a contract for the connection of Kazan CHPP-1 to PRANA system for prognostics of the condition of the power-generating equipment. In the presence of the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, it was signed by the First Deputy General Director of Tatenergo Airat Sabirzanov and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ROTEC Mikhail Lifshitz.


The main power-generating equipment in the power-generating units under construction at Kazan CHPP-1 will be hooked up to PRANA: two PG6111FA turbines made by General Electric, two Т-40/50-8,8 steam turbines made by the Ural Turbine Works, and two heat recovery steam generators made by EMAlliance plus three booster compressors for power-generating units, made by ATLAS Copco.

Predictive algorithms inherent in PRANA system and a wealth of experience accumulated by experts at the ROTEC's Prognostics Center allow for troubleshooting incipient glitches well before they can escalate into an emergency. Tatenergo will have an impartial tool for evaluating the repairs and maintenance quality. The system also dramatically simplifies the analysis of equipment start-up and shutdown.

Skilled professionals at the ROTEC's Prognostics Center will be providing a round-the-clock monitoring, consultancy support and emergency notification and response in an emergency situation. Every month the staff at Kazan CHPP-1 will receive reports on the quality of equipment operation containing recommendations for its maintenance and repairs.

Aided by the PRANA system mobile app, the energy company management will have the opportunity to remotely control the operation of costly equipment in the online mode.

ROTEC JSC ( is an industrial holding that is a part of Renova Group of companies. It carries out service maintenance of gas and steam turbines, manufactures power-generating equipment, provides engineering services and develops a series of hi-tech projects in various industrial sectors, including power plant engineering, energy accumulation and storage systems, prognostics and remote monitoring of the condition of industrial equipment.

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