16 June 2017 year PRANA project was presented to participants of the Russian Oil and Gas IT summit "Digital Oil Field"

Maxim Lipatov, Chief Specialist of ROTEC Monitoring and Forecasting Department, spoke during the panel discussion called "Management of Resources and Fixed Assets" of the IT summit "Digital Oil Field", where he described the PRANA system of prognostics and monitoring of the condition of industrial equipment. The system developed by the company is able to work with a wide variety of equipment types. Thus, in oil and gas sphere, PRANA can be used for the analysis of readings of submersible pumps, driver turbines, compressors and sensors of gas pumping units.


"Use of predictive algorithms allows for increasing equipment reliability, reducing repair times and avoiding sudden accidents. Forecasting should become a standard for units operating over extended times between overhauls, as well as for submersible or stand-alone equipment. PRANA allows for the monitoring of reliability in the online mode, and not only in the course of rare technical inspections," Maksim Lipatov pointed out in his speech.


Alexey Shuvayev, General Director of Logicon LLC, Alexander Burgardt, Vice President of Galaktika Center LLC, and Evgeny Frolov, Director of RCBI LLC, took part in the "Resources and Fixed Assets Management" section.


The "Digital Oil Field" summit is oriented to IT professionals of the Fuel & Energy Complex. A panel discussion of the latest trends of oil fields intellectualization, analysis of specific cases by the producer companies, as well as a technical session with a review of experience and presentations of solutions and technologies of oil and gas production intellectualization were held during this event.  

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