Projects and references

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Turbine production and supply:


Turbine typeCustomerCHP
1К-110-1,6 JSC Tatneft Nizhnekamskaya CHP
2Т-120/130-130-8МО Ulan Bator CHP-4 Ulan Bator CHP-4
3Т-27/33-1,28 OAO (OJSC) TGC-16 Kazanskaya CHP-3
4PT-65/75-130/13 JSC PAVLODARENERGO Pavlodarskaya CHP-3
5Т-60/65-8,8 OAO (OJSC) Fortum Argayash CHP
6Т-63/76-8,8 JSC Generating Company Elabuzhskaya CHP
7Т-95/105-8,8 JSC SEVKAZENERGO Petropavlovskaya CHP
8GTN-6 renovation, 3 pcs. Iskra-Turbogaz LLC Gazpromtransgaz (Nadym)
9Т-120/130-130-8МО JSC TsAEK Astaninskaya CHP

2012 - 2013


    Turbine typeCustomerCHP
    1Тp-35/40-8,8JSC Volzhskaya TGKNovokuibyshevskaya CHP-1
    2Т-120/130-130-8МОOAO (OJSC) TGC-5Kirov CHP-4
    3Т-40/50-8,8OAO (OJSC) TGC-9Novobereznikovskaya CHP
    4Т-40/50-8,8OAO (OJSC) TGC-9Novobereznikovskaya CHP
    5GTN-6 renovation, 3 pcs.Iskra-Turbogaz LLCGazpromtransgaz (Nadym)
    6К-110-1,6JSC TatneftNizhnekamskaya CHP
    7КТ-63-7,7OAO (OJSC) TGC-9Nizhnekamskaya CHP
    8КТ-63-7,7OAO (OJSC) TGC-9Nizhnekamskaya CHP
    9КТ-63-7,7OAO (OJSC) TGC-9Akademicheskaya CHP
    10К-63-90JSC SEVKAZENERGOPetropavlovskaya CHP


    Turbine typeCustomerCHP
    1Т-60/65-130-2МOJSC SibirenergoengineeringBarnaulskaya CHP- 2
    2Тp-65/75-12,8OAO (OJSC) TGC-5Kirov CHP-4
    3Т-50/60-8,8JSC SevkazenergoPetropavlovskaya CHP- 2
    4Т-60/65-130-2МJSC SibirenergoengineeringBarnaulskaya CHP- 2
    5Т-63/76-8,8OAO (OJSC) TGC-5Izhevskaya CHP-1
    6Т-63/76-8,8OAO (OJSC) TGC-6 Vladimir CHP-2
    7Т-63/76-8,8OAO (OJSC) TGC-5Kirov CHP-3
    8Тp-35/40-8,8JSC Volzhskaya TGKNovokuibyshevskaya CHP-1

Projects of modernization (renovation) of steam turbines:


Turbine typeCustomerCHP
1Т-100/120-130-3JSC PAVLODARENERGOPavlodarskaya CHP-3
2Р-38-130/34JSC AESUst-Kamenogorsk CHPUst-Kamenogorsk CHP
3Technical upgrade: replacement of PT-60/75-130-13 turbine for bottom turbine Т-27/33-1,28ОАО (OJSC) TGC-16Kazanskaya CHP-3

2012 - 2013


    Turbine typeCustomerCHP
    1Т-100-130JSC AESUst-Kamenogorsk CHPUst-Kamenogorsk CHP
    2Т-100/120-130-2OJSC SIBECONovosibirskaya CHP-3


    Turbine typeCustomerCHP
    1Т-100-130OAO (OJSC) TGC-1Avtovskaya CHP
    2Т-100-130JSC SIBECONovosibirskaya CHP-4

Long-term service contracts for gas turbine equipment maintenance:

At the present time ROTEC independently and in association with Sulzer company serves 21 gas turbine plants at the territory of Russia with total capacity of 2,5 GW.

Turbine typeQuantityLong-term GTP servicing up to time ofCustomer
GE 6FA548,000 equivalent hoursKES-holding (TGK‐7, 9)
Siemens V94.2v.7466,000 equivalent hoursKES-holding (TGK‐5, 6, 9
Siemens SGT-800240,000 equivalent hoursKES-holding (Permskaya CHP-6, TGK-9)
Siemens V94.2 v.31100,000 equivalent hoursKES-holding (TGK‐6)
Alstom GT 13Е2 572,000 equivalent hoursKES-holding (TGK‐6)
Ansaldo V64.3A4100,000 equivalent hoursTGK-1, Pervomayskaya CHP, in association with Sulzer TS

Projects for gas turbine servicing:

Turbine typeQuantityOperationCustomerYear
GTE-1602Hot gas path inspectionKalinigradskaya CHP-2, OAO (OJSC) Inter RAO of UES2014
GTE-1601Hot gas path inspection, repairChelyabinsk CHP-3, OAO (OJSC) Fortum2014
GTE-1602Routine inspectionCHP-27, ОАО (OJSC) Mosenergo2014
GTE-1602Routine inspectionCHP-27, ОАО (OJSC) Mosenergo2013
GTE-1602Restoring repair of compressor bearingCHP-27, ОАО (OJSC) Mosenergo2013, 2014
GTE-1602Routine inspectionCHP-27, ОАО (OJSC) Mosenergo2013
GTE-1601Hot gas path inspection, supply of spare parts and execution of the whole work package for restoration of the gas turbine plantNorth-West CHP, OAO (OJSC) Inter RAO of UES2013
GTE-1602Hot gas path inspectionCHP-27, ОАО (OJSC) Mosenergo»2013
Ansaldo V64.3A1Hot gas path inspectionTyumen CHP-1, OAO (OJSC) Fortum 2010

Projects for steam turbine servicing:

Turbine typeQuantityWorks DescriptionCustomerYear
PT-80100-1301Supply of assemblies and parts for reconstruction of steam turbineOmskaya CHP-5, Kvartz Group LLC (OAO (OJSC) Inter RAO of UES)2014
CJSC “UTW” manufacture turbines-Supply of spare parts including large assemblies: diaphragm, rotor of HP turbine of T-250 typeOAO (OJSC) Mosenergo, CJSC IES Holding2011 – 2014
Т-116/125-1301Work package to improve reliability and stability of steam turbine operationCHP-16, ОАО (OJSC) Mosenergo
Т-250/300-2401Analysis of causes and making proposals on elimination of low frequency vibration of turbineCHP-16, ОАО (OJSC) Mosenergo

General contracting servicing:

ProjectCustomerDeadlines for implementation
Reconstruction of power generating unit of Т-250/300-240 type st. No. 9, CHP-22 – branch of ОАО (OJSC) MosenergoOAO (OJSC) Mosenergo;2015 – 2018
Expansion of CHP-4, Ulan Bator, Mongolia, with installation of turbine generating unit Т-120/130-130-8 МОDulany IV Tsakhialganstants KhK2013 – 2014

Engineering. Technical agent contracts:

Engineering services for technical assistance for investment projects for construction of new power generating units within the implementation program of introduction of new capacities under power supply agreements (PSA). Deadlines for implementation: 2013 – 2014

Description of WorksCustomerDeadlines for implementation
Upgrade of Izhevskaya CPH-1 with installation of CCGT plant (CCGT) – 230 MWTGC-52013 – 2014
Upgrade of Vladimirskaya CPH-2 with installation of CCGT plant (CCGT) – 230 MWTGC-62013 – 2014
Upgrade of Kirov CPH-3 with installation of CCGT plant (CCGT) – 220 MWTGC-52013 – 2014
Upgrade of Nizhneturinskaya HPP with installation of CCGT plant (CCGT) – 460 MWТGC-92013 – 2014
Upgrade of Novogorkovskaya CPH with installation of CCGT plant (CCGT) – 330 MWTGC-62013 – 2014
Extension of Permskaya CPH-9 with installation of CCGT plant (CCGT) – 165 MWTGC-92013 – 2014
Technical upgrading of Novokuibyshevskaya CHP with installation of gas turbine plant (GTP) – 240 MWVolzhskaya TGK2013 – 2014