Power equipment service Remote monitoring and prognostics system
2018-01-29 PRANA logo alpha.png

PRANA is an industrial IoT solution for diagnosis and prognosis of the condition of industrial equipment to increase its efficiency and reduce operational costs.

For the protection of critical facilities

The solution of PRANA was based on the 7-year experience of ROTEC in servicing power equipment.

  • PRANA IoT solution is already being used for 9 gas turbines, and agreements for the connection of 22 power units have been concluded. Their total capacity exceeds 3.2 GW (2% of the total capacity of thermal generation in the Russian Federation), and their cost is more than $5 billion.

  • Thanks to its architecture, PRANA successfully runs on various types of sophisticated equipment: turbines, compressors, pumps, boiler equipment, etc.

  • PRANA offers predictive analytic solutions in various sectors, such as energy, oil and gas, the mining and processing industry, predicting variations in the operation of equipment and preventing emergencies.

Advantages for business

PRANA provides comprehensive technical analysis of complex industrial systems:

Reduction of unscheduled downtime

Technical condition control allows for calculating the residual operation life and repair in the shortest time possible.

Reduced costs

Reduces the costs of repairing equipment through planning, optimizing logistics, and ordering spare parts in a timely manner.

Work control

The system allows assessing the quality of maintenance and work level of operational staff.

Identify causes

The historical data analysis allow for identifying the causes of the incident during the investigation, to examine the correctness of personnel actions and equipment behavior.

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