4 May 2016 year Renova Group is to perform modernization of turbine at Novosibirsk CHPP of SIBECO for 424 mln. rubles

Novosibirsk. The 4th of May INTERFAX - Siberian Energy Company JSC (MOEX: SIBC) ("SIBECO") has concluded a contract with Ural Turbine Works CJSC (UTW, Sverdlovsk Region, part of Renova Group) for performing package of works on technical re-equipping of the turbine at Novosibirsk CHPP-3, according to the information published at Government procurement web-site.

Contract value amounts to 423.62 mln. rubles, including VAT.

By October 2017, UTW is going to carry out engineering surveys, develop all the necessary documentation and perform construction, installation and commissioning under the investment project - "CHPP-3. Technical re-equipping of turbine Т-100/120-130 st.N11".

Ural Turbine Works CJSC is specialized in manufacture of steam turbines, as well as service and modernization of steam and gas turbines. The plant is a part of diversified industrial holding ROTEC, part of Renova Group.

SIBECO JSC (legal successor of Novosibirskenergo (MOEX: NVNG)) - a generating company acting as a wholesale market entity of electricity and power market in Siberia service area. Generating assets include six CHPPs in Novosibirsk, Barabinsk CHPP and Biysk CHPP (Biyskenergo OJSC (MOEX: BIEN)), as well as boiler stations operated by its branch — Local Boiler Stations. Installed electric power capacity of the company is 3.089 ths. MW while heating capacity is 8.644 ths. MW. According to the information form SIBECO, as of September 22, 2015, four representatives of Ru-Com were the members of the company's Board of Directors. Along with that, SIBECO had not confirmed its affiliation with Ru-Com.

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