18 April 2016 year Rostelecom and ROTEC have signed a Partnership Agreement in Innovation Development

The companies are planning to cooperate in the field of Industrial Internet using information & telecommunication technologies and infrastructure of "Rostelecom", as well as ROTEC's technologies and competences in prognostics and remote monitoring of power equipment. The main objective of the partnership is developing joint solutions to implement them widely in production facilities, including solutions for import substitution.


"Today, all parts of the world, especially Western Europe, China and the United States, are actively developing a new direction of information support in industry and power sector known as "Industrial Internet". According to analysts, Industrial Internet could raise global GDP by 11% by 2030", - said Boris Glazkov, Director of the Center for Strategic Innovations of PJSC "Rostelecom", at signing the agreement.

"One of the most important solutions in Industrial Internet is creating predictive maintenance systems for industrial equipment. Russia takes the 4th place in the world by volume of generated electricity and the 2nd one by volume of electricity generation with the use of natural gas; thus reducing operation costs and downtime of power equipment will save for generating companies tens of millions of rubles a year, and billions of rubles a year on a national scale. On the other hand, partnership with "ROTEC" will allow "Rostelecom" to use its expertise in building cloud solutions for both infrastructure and cloud software, providing reliable and secure transfer of data from industrial equipment to the "cloud", - he said.

"Our system of prognostics and remote monitoring called PRANA is already successfully operating in the power industry. Today, we can clearly see that the solutions used in it can be successfully implemented in other sectors of economy: from housing and communal services to national infrastructure facilities. I am sure that working together with "Rostelecom" will allow us not only to develop solutions for individual users, but also climb up to the next level: mass implementation of Industrial Internet technologies in Russia", - said Mikhail Lifshitz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "ROTEC".
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