9 June 2015 year ROTEC and Moscow Power Engineering Institute Extend Relationship

Mikhail Lifshitz, General Director of ROTEC, met with Nikolay Rogalev, Rector of National Research University Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI) to discuss cooperation in the field of turbine building.

The company takes interest in MPEI's R&D in construction of modern power equipment, modernization of turbine units, optimization of performance maps of power unit equipment. Ural Turbine Works, a subsidiary of ROTEC Holding, has its own experience of development in these areas. Joining forces will speed up this work and give it a new quality.

MPEI's scientific and experimental capabilities are planned to be used for testing new materials and specimens of equipment parts being introduced into production. MPEI's experience may be useful for development of corrosion protection of turbine wheel space assemblies, blades and vanes of low pressure cylinders in calculations of location of the assemblies and thermal expansions of the units.

Nikolay Rogalev, Rector of MPEI: "We intend to carry out research, development and engineering works in the projects implemented by Ural Turbine Works and CJSC ROTEC, participate in the development of technical documentation for new products".

Mikhail Lifshits, General Director of CJSC ROTEC: "ROTEC and MPEI are bound by strong friendship and partnership relations. Many employees of our company, including managers, graduated from this university. A few years ago, we worked together to develop solutions to upgrade T-250 cogeneration turbines, and the first such project is already ongoing at MosEnergo's CHP-22; we interacted in other issues, too. We want to expand our cooperation and make it systematic".

MPEI ( is National Research University Moscow Power Engineering Institute, one of the largest technical universities in Russia in the field of power engineering, electric engineering, electronics, and computer science. Currently, undergraduate and graduate students from 68 countries are studying at MPEI. For its achievements in training engineers and scientists the institute was awarded two state medals and six medals of foreign countries.

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