3 April 2017 year ROTEC and Sulzer Turbo Services Rus have successfully performed technical maintenance on 4 gas turbines of T Plus PJSC

ROTEC and Sulzer Turbo Services Rus have completed technical maintenance on 4 power generating gas turbines operated at three power plants of T Plus PJSC. Specialists of the two companies have successfully performed the works within the time frame stipulated by the customer.

In particular, minor inspections of two gas turbines GTE-160 have been carried out at the Izhevsk CHPP-1 and Perm CHPP-9. Inspections of the flow path and conditions of combustion chambers were carried out at each unit, and some of the thermal protection tiles were replaced, since in case of shattering, their fragments could significantly damage the hot gas path, including the rotating blades and guide vanes. The timely replacement of expendable parts (including thermal protection tiles) eliminates such a risk almost completely.

"C" level inspections of 2 gas turbines SGT-800 installed at the Perm CHPP-6 were carried out by ROTEC specialists. This type of inspections provides for thorough defect identification in all turbine assemblies, and the replacement of burned-out parts. The turbine module and the guide vanes of the compressor were dismantled, and their parts were cleaned and tested using non-destructive methods. The first and second stages of the rotating blades and guide vanes, the turbine combustion chamber and burners were replaced by new ones, due to depletion of service life. ROTEC specialists also carried out the entire set of works on the modernization of equipment, as recommended by the manufacturer for this inspection.

ROTEC JSC ( is an industrial holding that is a part of the Renova Group of Companies. It carries out maintenance of gas and steam turbines, manufactures power generating equipment, renders engineering services and develops a series of high-technology projects in various industrial branches, including power plant engineering, aircraft and automobile manufacturing, energy accumulation and storage systems.

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