2 February 2015 year ROTEC and UTW will represent new experience in turbines production and servicing at the forum POWER-GEN Russia

ROTEC CJSC and UTW CJSC will participate in the intentional conference and exhibition POWER-GEN Russia, which will be carried out on March 3 - 5, at the Exhibition Center on Krasnaya Presnya, Moscow.

ROTEC will represent their experience in service of gas turbine equipment to the experts from power industry. By the end of 2014 the company has increased its service activities by 1.2 bln. rubles. At the present time ROTEC independently and in cooperation with the company Sulzer provide servicing for 21 gas turbines of total capacity 2.5 GW located at the territory of Russia. Since the beginning of this year under the long-term service contracts specialists form ROTEC started to connect the turbines under servicing to their own Center for Remote Monitoring and Forecasting. The capabilities of the new Center with the unique software will be demonstrated to the visitors of POWER-GEN Russia.

As part of ROTEC holding, Ural Turbine Works will represent to the experts attending POWER-GEN, their new models of steam turbines, including the turbines for combined-cycle units, which today arouse particular interest from power engineers. Attention will be also drawn to projects for modernization of the turbines type T-100 Five of these projects have already been implemented at power plants in Russia and Kazakhstan.


Joint exhibitions stand of the companies ROTEC and Ural Turbine Works — В 038.

Business program of the conference POWER-GEN Russia is planned to include the following speeches:

• March 3, Session No.1 "Large-scale gas generation/combined-cycle units" (technical division) — Report on "Experience in development and introduction of modern home-produced steam turbines for combined-cycle units in the territory of RF", A. Yu. Kultyshev, Chief Designer of UTW CJSC;

• March 4, Session No.5 "Operation and maintenance optimization" (technical division) — Report on "Service of power equipment with support of the Center for Remote Monitoring and Forecasting", E.V. Gromak, Director of the project "Engineering", ROTEC CJSC;

• March 4, Session No.8 "New incentives for modernization of generating equipment" (strategic division) — Report on "Experience in implementation of reconstruction projects for generating facilities of ROTEC CJSC and UTW CJSC, M.V. Lifshitz, Director General of ROTEC CJSC.

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