18 April 2019 year ROTEC becomes a supplier of honeycomb seals for the repair of aircraft engines

Based on the successful results of pilot testing, Ural Works of Civil Aviation and ROTEC have signed a contract for the serial supply of honeycomb seals for the repair of aircraft engines.

ROTEC's honeycomb seals received their own “RC” labeling in addition to their main designation as an engine assembly unit, thereby confirming the reliable performance and superior quality of the elements.

Today, Russia’s sole manufacturer of welded honeycomb seals is ROTEC, which has succeeded in establishing the automated large-scale production of such components for aviation and power industries. The company’s automated system for the optical monitoring of cell geometry and spot welding, now integrated into its production lines, ensures the highest quality level of its manufactured products.

Previously, Russian companies had imported welded honeycomb seals for their products. The domestic production launched by ROTEC has eliminated dependence on foreign components manufactured in the USA and the UK.

Welded honeycomb seals are an integral part of the design of existing and emerging aircraft engines (turbofan and turboshaft engines and auxiliary-power units), as well as of gas and steam turbines used in the power and oil & gas industries. The use of intricately-configured seals increases unit efficiency and service life, while reducing weight and size characteristics. The quality of these products has a direct impact on the reliable operation of the entire aircraft, which is a critically-important factor in aviation.

The creation of this product and the launch of large-scale production in such a short time would not have been possible without the direct participation of specialists from the Ural Works of Civil Aviation and their consulting assistance to ROTEC specialists.

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