12 July 2019 year ROTEC Commissions a New Substation at the Arshanovsky Open-Pit Coal Mine in the Republic of Khakassia
On July 12, the ceremonial commissioning of a modern 110/6 kV transformer substation took place at the “Arshanovsky Razrez” coal field in the Republic of Khakassia.
ROTEC specialists completed the substation equipment installation and all other commissioning works. The commissioning of a 110 kV transmission line was carried out under the construction supervision of ROTEC engineers.
A special feature of this project is that the entire territory of the coal field is located in a high seismic activity zone, reaching 7 on the Richter scale.
“... The substation of the coal strip mine is the most modern, safe and environmentally clean power network facility. Among its indisputable advantages, we can point to the use of gas-insulated equipment at the substation. The most modern operating system automation, relay protection and emergency control automation have been also introduced at the substation. The total design cost amounted to more than 500 million rubles”, declared the Director of Razrez Arshanovsky LLC, Yevgeny Yurin.
“I congratulate the entire staff of “Razrez Arshanovsky” who worked on the commissioning of the new substation. Great responsibility will rest on this substation. But we always ensure the quality of our facilities and feel secure about the coal mine’s power supply, even despite the high seismic activity of the field”, said Ivan Panasyuk, CEO of ROTEC JSC, in his welcoming speech.
110/6 kV "Razrez Arshanovsky" substation is the first of five substations that are currently being built by ROTEC in different regions of the country.
As part of the contract with Razrez Arshanovsky LLC, two TDTN-16000/110 UHL1 power transformers, 110 kV rigid busbar outdoor switchgear, and a substation control building (SCB) combined with 6kV indoor switchgear have been installed at the substation. The 110 kV outdoor switchgear was made according to the “two circuit breaker units with non-automatic jumper on the line side” scheme, using TDTN-16000/110/6 transformers, 110 kV gas-insulated switches, substation control buildings and closed 6 kV switchgear. ROTEC specialists carried out the work in full and in strict accordance with the technical specifications of the customer.
The “Arshanovsky Razrez” coal field is located 45 km from the cities of Abakan and
Sayanogorsk. The licensed area covers 18 km2, and the maximum mining depth is 150 m.
Recoverable reserves of high-quality open-pit coal at “Arshanovsky Razrez” amount to
700 million tons. The new substation will provide a reliable power supply of the coal field.

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