4 September 2015 year ROTEC Completed Expanded Inspection of Novokuibushevsk TPP-1 Combined-Cycle Power Unit Combustion Section

Maintenance and repair of the gas turbine plant No.2 at the Novokuibushevsk TPP-1 is completed. The combustion chamber of the GE 6FA-type turbine operated as a part of the 231 MW combined-cycle power plant was inspected and 3rd stage worn-out rotor blades were replaced. The works were carried out by the ROTEC CJSC experts under a long-term service contract. Earlier this spring, the ROTEC experts carried out similar operations in the gas turbine plant No.1 of the same power unit.

The 231 MW combined-cycle plant was commissioned in October 2013 under the investment program of IES Holding (today named "T Plus" PJSC). The CCP equipment includes three 6FA gas turbines manufactured by General Electric with a capacity of 77 MW each and exhaust heat boilers.

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Alexandr Kofanov, deputy director - chief repair and capital development engineer of the Novokuibushevsk TPP-1 notes: "The turbine blades are surveyed for defects and gas burners are inspected annually as part of maintenance of the new gas turbines at the Novokuibushevsk TPP-1". These operations are extremely important for efficient and reliable service of modern generating equipment of the station. Well-coordinated joint work with our contractor allowed us to perform all inspections and settings of combustion systems ahead of schedule this year".

Denis Drozdovskiy, ROTEC CJSC project manager: "Our company maintains various types of gas turbines. The 6FA turbines have good performance and high regulation characteristics, and their routine maintenance cycle is extended to 1.5 years, or 12 000 equivalent operating hours, which allows the owner to optimize its service costs".

ROTEC CJSC long-term service contracts portfolio currently includes service of 30 power gas turbines with total capacity of about 3.9 GW. This year, the company has increased its order portfolio more than 2 times - from 14.3 to 24.9 billion rubles. 

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