26 December 2014 year ROTEC completed modernization of the turbine at Omsk CHPP-5

On the eve of 2015 ROTEC has completed the works on modernization of another turbine — turbine No.1 of Omsk CHPP-5 (TGC-11, Inter RAO). After modernization electric power output of the turbine has been increased by 18 MW and amounted to 98 MW.

The turbine manufactured by Leningrad Metal Plant was in operation from October 1980, and by this time it is overaged. In addition, the reduction of its efficiency in recent years was associated with a decrease in the high-pressure steam extraction. Reconstruction allowed to prolong turbine service life up to the value of a new unit, as well as to increase its power capacity and improve its economic performance due to the improved technical performance. Non-demanded production steam extraction can now be used to generate electricity and heat. Among other issues, the automatic system for control and protection of the power-generating unit has been completely upgraded.

The general contractor for the project was QUARTZ Group LLC. Documents for reconstruction of the turbine hall of the power plant was developed by Lonas technology CJSC. The project and modernization of turbine PT-80/100-130/13, as well as designer's supervision was performed by ROTEC CJSC.

Victor Gaak, Director of the Omsk branch of TGC-11 JSC: "Since the beginning of the new year power capacity of Omsk CHPP-5 will increase by 18 MW. The reconstruction performed at the turbine No.1 allowed improving its performance, increasing reliability of operation and growing the production volume of electricity. Additional power capacity is generated due to the increase of steam flow through the wheel space of the turbine. Funding of the project amounted to 386 mln. rubles. For our consumers it's required to increase electrical power output, and with regard to this, we place our expectations, primarily, on the development of the industry of Omsk."

Mikhail Lifshitz, Director General of ROTEC CJSC: "It is the first project on modernization of the turbine manufactured by Leningrad Metal Plant which we have developed and implemented." As a result, the customer gets a turbine that generates more electricity and has improved performance. Along with that capital expenditures of generating company per 1 kW of additionally introduced power capacity occurred to be almost 5 times lower than the average cost of new power units construction. I think that the technical solution developed by us can be also introduced at other power plants in Russia and abroad for the modernization of turbines with regard to the changing operating conditions."

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