25 December 2018 year ROTEC has equipped scientific and environmental stations in Khabarovsk Territory with solar modules and diesel generator sets

By order of the Amur Tiger Center, ROTEC installed modern power equipment at research and environmental protection stations in the Nanaian and Bikin districts of Khabarovsk Territory. The stations are being built as part of a program to create a network of infrastructure facilities for the protection and monitoring of the Amur tiger population, its forage base and habitats.

In Khabarovsk Territory, in the northernmost part of the Russian range of the Amur tiger, two solar stations with automatic input of power supply from the connected diesel generator sets will provide uninterrupted power supply to the pump station. Heterostructural photovoltaic modules for the stations are manufactured by Hevel, the largest Russian company in the field of solar energy.

The modules work efficiently in conditions of diffused sunlight, which is especially important in forests and areas with difficult terrain. This allows a significant increase in the average daily time of efficient operation of the installation. The efficiency of the modules is more than 22%, which is one of the best indicators for similar systems in the world.

In 2018, ROTEC continued to implement projects for the construction of small generation facilities for scientific and environmental stations near nature reserves and national parks in Anuchinsky, Chuguyevsky, Dalnerechensky, Pozharsky, Terneysky, Olginsky, Dalnegorsky, Krasknoarmeysky and Lazovsky Districts of Primorsky Krai. At the beginning of the current year, 6 diesel-solar and 4 diesel micro-power stations were built in a cordoned area.

Amur Tiger Center ( An organization created by the Russian Geographical Society at the initiative of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Goals of the Center: the study, preservation and increase of the population of the Amur tiger in Russia through implementation of environmental, scientific, educational and cultural projects. The Center carries out its activities without budget funding, solely thanks to sponsorship from organizations and individuals.

ROTEC JSC ( Company business areas: the PRANA system for forecasting the condition of industrial equipment; design, engineering and general contracting for the construction of energy and infrastructure facilities; development and manufacture of highly efficient energy storage and accumulation systems based on supercapacitors; manufacturing, modernization and maintenance of the main energy equipment.

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