3 March 2015 year ROTEC has presented its own Remote Monitoring and Forecast Center at POWER-GEN Russia Exhibition and Conference

The specialists of ROTEC CJSC have presented the Company’s own Remote Monitoring and Forecast Center to the participants and visitors of POWER-GEN Russia Exhibition and Conference. When getting acquainted with the exhibition hall of ROTEC, First Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, Aleksey Teksler, paid special attention to monitoring of gas turbine equipment at power plants.


Remote monitoring and forecast system of ROTEC CJSC is designed for support of foreign-manufactured gas turbines operation. Currently, such services in Russia are provided by foreign companies — manufacturers of the equipment or specialized service companies.The remote monitoring and forecast system developed by ROTEC experts is a unique software product that can replace foreign services.

The software of the Center allows to control power station equipment operation, receive recommendations on optimization of operating modes, assess condition of the equipment and its components, as well as its residual service life, and anticipate risks. The system ensures better planning of repairs, prevents equipment downtime, anticipates accidents and emergencies, and thus increases reliability of the power plant.

The Center is located on the territory of Russia, in Khimki. This year, four gas turbines (v 94.2 version 7) are to be connected to this Center: Perm HPP-9, Izhevsk HPP-1, Vladimir HPP-2, and Kirov HPP-3. Work on the pilot project on the Perm HPP-9 is already close to completion. The visitors of POWER-GEN Russia could see a real time demo version of power plant monitoring at the exhibition booth of ROTEC CJSC.

Remote monitoring is to become a part of long-term service contracts for maintenance of turbine equipment. Currently, ROTEC has five such contracts which include servicing of 21 gas turbine units with a total capacity of 2.5 GW.

ROTEC CJSC ( is a multi-business industrial holding company. It performs maintenance service of gas and steam turbines, production, supply of power equipment and develops a number of high-tech projects in different industries, including power plant engineering, aircraft engine building and biotechnological spheres. 

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