16 January 2018 year ROTEC helps save tigers in Primorsky Krai

Autonomous non-commercial organization “Amur tiger” together with the Russian Direct Investment Fund supported by Royal Company will establish a network of infrastructure facilities for protection and monitoring of the Amur tiger population, its food reserves and habitats. Ten research and environmental protection complexes altogether will be created in Primorsky Krai (lodges). Each of them will consist of a residential building, workshop garage, and rooms for personal hygiene.

ROTEC as contracted by “Amur tiger” will implement the project for construction of the small-scale generation facilities for said research and environmental protection lodges: 6 diesel solar and 4 diesel micro power plants. The lodges will be located in the key tiger habitat areas including those in the vicinity of the nature reserves and national parks in the Anuchinsky, Chuguyevsky, Dalnerechensky, Pozharsky, Terneisky, Olginsky, Dalnegorsky, Krasnoarmeisky and Lazovsky districts of Primorsky Krai.

Hevel heterostructure solar modules will be utilized for construction of the plants. They have a high 22% efficiency and catch not only direct, but also diffused sunlight, which significantly increases the average daily operation time of the facilities. The panels generate 7,200 kWh of electricity annually. During the year, 6 diesel solar plants will save over 1 million rubles in fuel alone without account for the expenses associated with its delivery to those lodges located far away from any populated areas.

"We have already been participating in the large-scale program for Amur leopard conservation for two years. We are now expanding our presence in this area. Thanks to the experience of ROTEC in construction of diesel solar plants, officials of the hunting supervision authorities and specially protected natural areas in Primorsky Krai will have a reliable source of electricity and communications. They will be able to efficiently protect Amur tiger and other rare animal species against poachers and other hazards. I am happy that our technologies contribute to conservation of Russia's unique nature," says Mikhail Lifshits, Chairman of the Board of Directors at ROTEC JSC.

"Officials of the hunting supervision authorities and specially protected natural areas are the first and the most important line of protection for the Amur tiger. They work in severe conditions of Primorye taiga where it is sometimes simply impossible to survive without a reliable shelter. Establishing such lodges is a unique experience for our country. But their establishment itself is not enough. These lodges have to be maintained, in which case it is important that the associated expenses are minimal. Thanks to our partners, we have found a perfect and economically viable solution for power supply to these important facilities," says Sergei Aramilev, Director General of Autonomous non-commercial organization “Amur tiger”.

2017-01-16 sun for tigers.jpg
Diesel solar plant at Lazo Lodge
(Lazovsky district in Primorsky Krai)

Autonomous non-commercial organization “Amur tiger” ( was established by the Russian Geographical Society at the initiative of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. It has the following objectives: research into, conservation and expansion of the Amur tiger population in Russia through implementation of proper environmental, research, educational and culturally educational projects. It operates without any state financing solely through sponsor support from various companies and individuals.

ROTEC JSC ( is an industrial holding. Areas of activity of the Company: the PRANA system for predictive analytics of the state of industrial equipment; designing, engineering and general contracting for the construction of energy and infrastructure facilities; development and production of highly efficient energy accumulation and storage systems based on supercapacitors; manufacturing, modernization and maintenance of basic power equipment.

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