27 August 2014 year ROTEC holding Company introduces to automakers components for environmentally-friendly electric vehicles

TEEMP Company (part of the ROTEC holding and resident of the Skolkovo center) will introduce their developments at the main automotive event of the year - the Moscow International Motor Show, which will take place in Moscow on August 27 – September 7, 2014 in the "Crocus Expo" pavilions.

One of the main trends of the modern automobile construction is the hybrid cars that use more than one source of energy for the wheels drive. Such trend is inspired by the desire to reduce the consumption of traditional fuels and reduce the atmospheric emissions of its combustion products. Consequently, the vehicles efficiency and environmental friendliness are increased.

The gearless electric drives developed by TEEMP specialists or so-called motor-wheels, and recuperators based on supercapacitors enable to reduce in half the fuel consumption without sacrificing the important performance characteristics: capacity, maximum speed, mileage without recharging.

TEEMP specialists conduct researches in this field for many years. By now the pilot production of two basic energy components is organized: motor-wheels, where engine is installed inside the wheel, and supercapacitors that replace the vehicle battery and act as impulse during "start-stop" modes.

Mikhail Lifshits, General Director of ROTEC CJSC: "Our engineers have developed the world’s best filter-press assembly technology of energy storage units at the pilot sites in Korolev and in Moscow, at Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. The basic characteristics of the manufactured energy storage units exceed manifold of the world analogues. Currently, experimental samples are sent to the potential customers. We expect to get feedback within the next year in order to prepare for the pilot and then mass production".
TEEMP experimental development will be presented within the framework of the extended exhibition "Environmentally friendly transport "Green Car", organized for exhibitors by NAMI - Central Automobile and Automobile Engine Scientific Research Institute.

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