14 October 2019 year ROTEC honeycomb seals enter the Indonesian market. Contract signed for the supply of components for the Rolls-Royce RT61 gas turbine.

ROTEC has signed the first export contract for the supply of welded honeycomb seals for the Indonesian company PT NGLTech Services Indonesia, which specializes in the maintenance of equipment for the oil & gas industry and related efficiency-boosting solutions.

According to supply terms, the ROTEC honeycomb strip is to be manufactured in three sizes and is intended for installation in Rolls-Royce RT61 three-stage gas-power turbines.

Today, ROTEC is Russia’s only manufacturer of welded honeycomb seals that has organized the automated mass production of the entire basic range of these components (from 0.9 to 4.5 mm) for aviation and power enterprises and service companies. The company has mastered the production of honeycomb components for more than 25 gas and steam turbines and aircraft engines of Russian and foreign manufacture, including for: GE 6FA, Siemens SGT 800, PD-14, PS-90, Ladoga 32, NK-14ST, GTK-10I, GTE-16. The vacuum brazing used in the manufacture of honeycomb materials has made it possible to reach 100% product quality, which is critical for components intended for operation under conditions of intense mechanical stress, high temperatures and corrosion. The introduction of technology involving the electrical-discharge grinding of the honeycomb surface has made it possible to eliminate damage to honeycomb cells during cutting to size.

NGLTech ( – is an international industrial company with offices in Indonesia, engaged in the engineering and development of technological solutions. It specializes in improving the efficiency of oil & gas equipment used in the extraction and processing of hydrocarbons.

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