ROTEC ROTEC is an industrial solutions developer and provider

The Company was established in 2010. 

ROTEC specializes in design and turnkey construction of complex power-engineering facilities and infrastructure, the development and commercial operation of the hardware-software analytic package for monitoring and predicting the condition of industrial equipment (PRANA system), the development and production of components for the aviation and power engineering applications, high-efficiency supercapacitor energy storage and accumulation systems, and also in manufacturing, retrofitting and maintaining basic energy equipment.

PRANA is an industrial IoT solution that analyzes the performance parameters of industrial equipment and detects nascent defects 2 to 3 months before they cause an accident. Over 3.2 GW in generating capacities valued at roughly USD 5 bln are connected to it.

TEEMP, which forms part of the holding company, is focused on developing and manufacturing energy accumulation and storage systems based on in-house supercapacitors. More than 1,000 Russian Railways diesel locomotives have been equipped with the company’s systems.

ROTEC has established Russia’s first and only facility that manufactures welded honeycomb seals. Virtually none of today’s gas turbine engines or power turbines would be thinkable without these elements. Honeycomb seals are the key components of 21st century machines. They are based on a honeycomb structure that minimizes the leakage of the working medium in radial clearances and increases relative efficiency while reducing fuel consumption and decreasing the abrasive wear of a machine’s flow path. Until recently, only imported high-quality honeycomb seals were available in Russia.

Ural Turbine Works, which forms part of the holding company, develops and manufactures cogeneration and condensing steam turbines, turbines for nuclear icebreakers and waste incineration plants. The Works have produced over 900 steam turbines boasting a total capacity of 65 GW. Ural Turbine Works accounts for about half of the installed capacity of cogeneration turbines in Russia and the CIS.

ROTEC offers a wide range of services involving the design and development of network and heat & power facilities, including General Designer functions. We are highly experienced in engineering and building power facilities and related infrastructure. Total newly-created or reconstructed capacities: 2.7 GW

Company details:

Full name:Joint Stock Company “ROTEC”
Business address:15, Nikoloyamskaya Str., Moscow, 109240
OGRN (Primary State Registration Number)1107746315764
INN (Taxpayer Identification Number)7705915881
KPP (Code of Reason for Registration)770501001
OKPO (Russian National Classifier of Businesses and Organizations)66412603
OKVED (Russian National Classifier of Economic Activities)51.70