5 June 2015 year ROTEC Professionals Completed Minor Inspection of Gas Turbines on CHP-21 Power Unit 11

A minor inspection was completed on two gas turbines of Power Unit 11 of OAO MosEnergo's CHP-21. The work was carried out by ROTEC professionals.

During the scheduled work the technical condition of the main turbine assemblies and parts was checked, worn-out heat-resistant tiles of combustion chambers replaced. On the Client's request, such auxiliary systems of the gas turbines as oil, control, fuel, blow-off and de-icing, were additionally checked and serviced.

Yuri Spiridonov, Service Director of CJSC ROTEC: "Gas turbines of this type undergo a minor inspection every 8,300 equivalent operating hours, that is, every year. The standard scope of repair work during a minor inspection normally involves inspection of blades and vanes of the first stage of the compressor and the first and last stages of the turbine, elimination of defects on protective ceramic tiles in combustion chambers. We have service contracts signed for various power plants where we service 25 gas turbine units, including 14 GTE-160 turbines.

Power Unit 11 of MosEnergo's CHP-21 was commissioned 7 years ago, in 2008, as part of a 450 MW CCGT unit. The turbines are serviced by ROTEC under a long-term service contract with OOO TER-Servis. 

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