5 May 2015 year ROTEC professionals have hooked up a gas turbine to Remote Monitoring and Forecasting Center at Perm CHP-9

ROTEC professionals have completed the installation of a remote monitoring system on the gas turbine (GTE-160) at Perm CHP-9.

Installation and setting-up of the monitoring system had been ongoing at the power plant in Perm and ROTEC's monitoring center in Khimki from the beginning of this year. As of today, the lower and upper levels have been completed – collection, transmission and processing of data on operating parameters of equipment, setting up of the analytical component. The center will not only carry out real-time monitoring of the key operating parameters of gas turbines, but also forecast the condition of its main assemblies and parts, advise the plant personnel on the time and scope of maintenance and repair works.

The new 165 MW gas turbine unit was commissioned in the early 2014 as part of IES-Holding's investment program. As it was put into operation, the modern equipment improved the key performance indicators of the power plant and reduced the power deficit in the Perm and Trans-Kama Industrial Hub.

Andrey Maruskin, Technical Director, and Chief Engineer of Perm CHP-9: "The turbine has been equipped with the monitoring system as per the long-term service agreement with ROTEC (up to 66,000 equivalent operating hours). As of today, all work related to installation and connection of the remote monitoring and forecasting system has been completed at the CHP plant. At the present moment, ROTEC's Remote Monitoring Center in Khimki is testing the system, setting up the mathematical tool to forecast the remaining life and monitor the technical condition of power-generating equipment".

In 2015, gas turbines on three more power units will be hooked up to ROTEC's Remote Monitoring and Forecasting Center, namely: Izhevsk CHP-1, Vladimir CHP-2 and Kirov CHP-3.

The remote monitoring system implemented in the power plants is ROTEC's unique development. It will allow the CHP personnel to not just keep track of operating parameters of power-generating equipment, but also obtain information on the best operation modes and recommendations on how to avoid dangerous operating procedures. The program analyzes incoming data and proactively forecast potential threats, including emergencies. After assessing the remaining life of assemblies and parts the system can provide recommendations on scheduled maintenance which will make servicing and repairs of turbines more efficient, and also optimize purchases.

ROTEC professionals believe that prognostics-centeredness is the key advantage of their software.

Another important characteristic of the remote monitoring and forecasting system is safe translation and storage of information. 

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