5 June 2017 year ROTEC's Business Development Director Sergey Kurilov spoke to IoT Tech Expo participants of the PRANA prognostics system

IoT Tech Expo-2017 was held in Berlin. Event participants discussed the digitization of industry and business, IoT technologies, big data and computer-aided learning technologies.

ROTEC's Business Development Director Sergey Kurilov delivered a speech at the "Predictive Maintenance for Transforming Field Services and Asset Management" panel discussion and enlarged on the PRANA prognostics system, an advanced development proprietary of ROTEC. Together with other experts, he discussed how Industrial Internet of Things technologies can be integrated into actual asset management mechanisms, how it is going to affect equipment maintenance, what volume of investments is required to introduce such technologies and when they will pay back.

"Due to the PRANA system, an equipment operator receives a preventive accident alarm, on average, two to three months before it can actually occur. An early failure detection makes it possible to cut down expenses for spares by 30%, reduce the scope of repairs and repair time.

This said, the core value of our system lies not even in accident prevention (though this is of utmost importance as well). With PRANA, the controllability of sophisticated process systems is regained by the management. The current state of affairs in the industrial sector reminds one of "the illusion-of-control" phenomena: even careful selection of contractors and technologies will not entirely eliminate the human factor. Whereas the PRANA system evaluates a situation independently using objective criteria. Therefore, prognostics and predictive analysis are phenomena belonging not only to the technology, but also to the management domain", noted Sergey Kurilov during the discussion.

The panel discussion speakers—Christine Billaud, Director of "Connected Solutions", Volvo CE, and Christian Mastrodonato, ‎Chief Technologist, Konica Minolta, Inc., reached a common ground on the high economic potential inherent in transitioning from reactive repairs and preventive maintenance to condition-based maintenance and implementing predictive analysis systems.

ROTEC JSC ( is an industrial holding. It carries out service maintenance of gas and steam turbines, manufactures power-generating equipment, provides engineering services and develops a series of hi-tech projects in various industrial sectors, including power plant engineering, energy accumulation and storage systems, prognostics and remote monitoring of industrial equipment condition.

IoT Tech Expo ( is an international series of conferences dedicated to discussing advanced developments and technologies in the Internet of Things realm. IoT Tech Expo is a meeting platform for representatives of key economic and business sectors—industry, transport, healthcare, logistics, public sector, power industry and mechanical engineering.

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