12 July 2013 year ROTEC to build one of the world’s largest Coating Centers in Russia

ROTEC ZAO (a member of Renova Group) will build an Inter-industry Competency Center for thin films, surface modification and functional coatings. It was announced by Roman Romanovskiy, a project manager, during the presentation delivered to the experts and visitors of the International Industrial Exhibition Innoprom-2013 organized in Yekaterinburg.

Construction of the Coating Center is part of the strategy to localize the technologies developed by the Swiss companies Sulzer and Oerlikon in Russia. Renova is a shareholder of the above companies.

The coating technologies of Sulzer Metco and Oerlikon Balzers have already been implemented by numerous Russian hi-tech companies including all the aircraft engine manufacturers, automakers, cutting tools manufacturers and other machine building plants. Three coating companies have been reestablished: at the “Avtovaz” site in Tolyatti, in Lyubertsy (Moscow Region, Sulzer Metco) and in Elektrostal (Оerlikon Balzers)..

The Coating Center will be the largest in Russia and will incorporate a variety of surface treatment technologies. Primarily, the Center will be rendering industrial services and developing coating technologies for various industries: power generation, aircraft engineering, automotive industry, biomedicine, nuclear power, cutting tools, medical equipment, radio electronics, etc. The material surface improving technologies are crucial in enhancing competitiveness of modern high-tech products.

The objectives of the Center will be localization and implementation of the new industrial technologies in Russia, commercialization of the Russian scientists’ developments, expansion of the application areas of such technologies in the Russian industry, localization and import substitution of the most complicated services in this area.

The project will be implemented in active cooperation with the relevant Russian research institutes with the purpose of commercialization of the advanced Russian technologies on the global markets as well as development of technologies meeting the requirements of the Russian industry.

“There are no similar centers either in Russia or in Western Europe,” comments Mikhail Lifshits, Director General of ROTEC ZAO, Renova Group Director for High-Tech Assets Development. “Our country used to be a leader in certain types of coatings. The coatings have been used primarily in aircraft engine engineering, whereas the same technologies have been used in various industries: from power generation to medical equipment and electronics. Russian industry has no experience in this area.” As explained by Mikhail Lifshits, Renova Group, being a shareholder of the Swiss companies Sulzer and Oerlikon, consolidates the unsurpassed scope of knowledge about the global markets, experience in application of the given technologies in a variety of industries, in organization of the coating production, in-house R&D activities and research joint ventures with technical universities in Western Europe and USA.

“We are planning to invite scientists, to concentrate the Russian and foreign technologies and equipment for a wide range of surface treatment – all on one site,” emphasizes Lifshits. “The primary objective of the Center is making a contribution to the competitive recovery of the high-tech Russian products.”

The Center will be located in the Renova Group Corporate Research Center building.

The construction of the Center will be completed by 2014.

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