19 June 2015 year ROTEC Wants General Electric Technologies.

The two companies intend to promote steam turbines together

Machine-building ROTEC (Viktor Vekselberg's Renova Group) and GE signed an agreement of cooperation to promote steam turbines for power plants of above 70 MW. ROTEC is also counting on obtaining GE technology to produce a new line of steam turbines of less than 30 MW at UTW.

ROTEC and General Electric (GE), USA signed an agreement of intent at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum this Friday. The companies are discussing two areas of cooperation including joint promotion and engineering of low-power steam turbines, ROTEC General Director Mikhail Lifshitz told the Kommersant Daily newspaper. "We are discussing shared use of steam turbines produced by Ural Turbine Works (UTW is owned by ROTEC.— Kommersant) together with GE gas turbines in a combined cycle, he said. We are talking equipment to generate 70 MW and more". Such combination of UTW and GE turbines is already in operation at, for instance, T Plus' power plants (formerly Volga TGC, IES-Holding) and Inter RAO, explained Mr. Lifshitz.

The second area is the use of GE turbine drive technologies to produce low-power steam turbines (less than 30 MW) on UTW site. "This may be a licensed cooperation or a consortium. It has not been decided yet," said Mr. Lifshitz. According to him, these turbines are primarily of interest to industrial enterprises with excess heat. The main line of UTW consists of industrial middle class steam turbines (50-350 MW), that is why low-power steam turbine production technologies are of great interest, he explained. Until now, UTW had manufactured only in-house designed steam turbines. GE declined to comment.

In Russia, there are several manufactures of gas turbines that use foreign technologies, for example, the joint venture of Siemens (65%) and Power Machines (35%), Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies, producing 60-307 MW gas turbines; there are also plans in place to build low and medium capacity turbines. In October 2014, Russian Gas Turbines (50% owned by GE, 25% by Rostec's United Engine Corporation and Inter RAO) opened a GE-licensed factory for assembly of 77 MW gas turbines in the town of Rybinsk.

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