9 April 2013 year ROTEC ZAO and Purac signed a strategic agreement to develop a project of the first biopolymer production facility in Russia

ROTEC ZAO signed an agreement to develop a project for construction of a unique high-tech biopolymer production facility in the Russian Federation within the framework of the visit of the Russian President to the Netherlands.

According to the agreement, the feasibility study of the polylactic acid (PLA) biopolymers production with the capacity of 100 thou t/year with further converting into biodegradable plastics will be performed. PLA is the final raw material for the production of biodegradable packaging, films, fibers, etc. Bioplastics can be used in the packaging, clothing, automotive industries, microelectronics, etc. The facility based on an industrial process to produce lactic acid and lactides from Purac’s renewable sources and a unique polymerization process will be the first production chain of this type in Europe.

If the positive testing results of the feasibility study are obtained, new generation of biopolymers will be produced at this unique facility. The anticipated volume of investment under this project will exceed 16 billion RUR.

According to Mikhail Lifshits, ROTEC ZAO Director General: “this facility, if established, will improve the environmental situation in our country and will facilitate the agricultural industry growth, which is a primary supplier of the raw materials for biopolymers; it will also improve the image of the Russian economy as application niche for the state-of-the-art environmentally friendly materials.”

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