4 September 2017 year ROTEK to Build a Transformer Substation at Kekura Gold Mine

ROTEK Holding is building a 110/6 kV transformer substation at Kekura Gold Mine, Bilibinsky District, Chukotka Autonomous Region.

The company will deliver, install, and commission a TDN-16000/110/6 KhL power transformer, a station control building, and a 6 kV indoor switchgear. The substation components are specially designed for Far North climatic conditions: the average coldest week of a year temperature at the mine is -51°С. The 110 kV power will be transmitted over the Bilibino-Kekura-Peschanka power line.

Since it is a remote region, the 37-tonnes transformer will be deliver to Pevek port by the Northern Sea Route and stored there till winter, 2017. Such a large unit can be shipped to Kekura Mine by a temporary winter road to be built as the winter comes. A truck caravan will negotiate over 500 km of ice bridges, compacted snow, frozen Chukotka lakes and rivers. After the second supply line is completed, ROTEK will deliver and commission another similar transformer.

The company will finish the construction and hand over the first project phase to the customer in 2018. For the next 20 years the substation will serve as a reliable power source for Kekuga Gold Mine infrastructure and equipment.

The mine operator is Based Metals, a Highland Gold company. The mines, the quarry, and the processing plant under construction are located about 120 km south from Bilibino.

ROTEK ( is an industrial holding. It offers gas and steam turbine maintenance, power engineering manufacturing, engineering services. The company has been developing a number of high-tech projects in various segments including power plant engineering, energy accumulation and storage systems, industrial equipment forecasting and remote monitoring.

Highland Gold is one of the 10 largest Russian gold mining companies. The annual output is about 265,000 oz. of gold and gold equivalent. The major facilities are in Khabarovsk Krai (Mnogovershinnoe and Belaya Gora fields) and Trans-Baikal (Novo-Shirokinsky mine), Chukotka (Kekura), and the Kyrgyz Republic.

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