1 August 2016 year Russian Deputy Minister of Energy visited the Hot-Duct Gas-Turbine Parts Refurbishment Center

As a part of his working trip to Yekaterinburg, the Deputy Minister of Energy Andrey Cherezov inspected the production facilities of the Ural Turbine Works. He also visited the Hot-Duct Gas-Turbine Parts Refurbishment Center opened in May 2016. The representatives of ROTEC JSC showed Andrey Cherezov the entire process the Center employed — from acceptance and examination of rotating blades and guide vanes, combustion chamber parts, nozzles and other parts of gas turbines hot path to application of protective coatings onto them after restoration is completed.


Until now, costly repairs and restoration of such parts have almost been entirely performed abroad. Establishing a Russia-based competence center in this field is a crucial element not only in the import phasing out but also in the country’s energy security.


At the end of his visit, Andrey Cherezov noted that the Center had the entire production chain at its disposal for high power gas turbines hot path parts restoration and a complete range of competences and equipment to perform finishing operations in production of turbine blades from workpieces.

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