Power equipment service Steam turbine maintenance

ROTEC provides steam turbine servicing throughout their lifecycle:

  • Participating in scheduled and extraordinary maintenance and repair;
  • Engineering services approved by the manufacturer;
  • Technical support;
  • Engineering supervision of the equipment operation;
  • Repair of turbine plants with the auxiliary facilities;
  • Performance of the specialized work;
  • Factory repairs of assemblies and components;
  • Preventive maintenance work;
  • On-line maintenance;
  • Supply of the spare parts and assemblies;
  • Retrofitting and upgrading of existing turbine fleet;
  • Long-term servicing of newly supplied and existing equipment.

The above works ensure reliability and high performance of the equipment.

ROTEC specialists organize upgrading of the existing turbine fleet with due consideration of the physical depreciation of the units and obsolescence of the equipment design.

Steam Turbine Upgrades

Over the last 75 years, Ural Turbine Works manufactured and supplied more than 870 turbines, including 538 turbines operated in Russia.

Estimated fleet life of the steam turbines is 250 thousand hours. As the equipment run time increases, the number of various defects related to changes in metal properties caused by creeping, thermal fatigue and degradation of structures grows. The way to address such changes in equipment condition is to extend the service life of the plants and to upgrade the existing turbines.

Expenses involved in restoring the turbine technical performance being degraded as its service life runs out are growing due to the increased number of the accumulated defects of the facilities. It has a detrimental effect on the designed performance indicators. Repair operations performed by the regional companies do not address the main issue – restoring the original performance of the turbine.

Equipment upgrading is aimed at recovering the high-temperature units’ service life and upgrading the turbine components, which results in overall increase of the turbine capacity, reliability, efficiency, versatility and serviceability.

It takes 1 to 1.5 years to complete a turbine upgrading and retrofitting project, after receiving an order for the project development in conformity with the customized performance specifications.

The project activities are carried out both at the thermal power plant and at UTW production site. The customer is provided with all the units and components within the framework of the upgrading project, all technical documentation as required, engineering and field supervision of the operations at the thermal power plant.

UTW has developed standard upgrading packages for the primary model series of the steam turbines: Т-100, Т-185, Т-50, PТ-135, PТ-50, PТ-25-3(4), R-100.

Upon completion of the upgrading work, the Customer will have a turbine with upgraded service life and considerably improved technical and economic performance.

Upgrading involves the following operations:

Operation Goal
Complete replacement of the high temperature components of the high pressure section (check valve, high-pressure casing, high-pressure rotor, diaphragm, packing gland, pipelines)To restore the fleet life, to increase the electric and thermal load, to improve the efficiency and reliability
Upgrade of the intermediate pressure cylinder includes a new intermediate pressure rotor, welded diaphragms, optimization of the drainage system To increase the efficiency and reliability
Upgrade of the low pressure cylinder includes installation of the dense regulating diaphragms, upgrading of the moisture removal and drainage systemTo increase thermal load, efficiency and reliability
Retrofitting of the control and protection systemTo improve the quality of the electric power, reliability and operation

Steam turbine maintenance projects executed by ROTEC:

Turbine Type QuantityWork DescriptionCustomer
Turbines manufactured by CJSC "UTZ" - Supply of spare parts, including major units: the diaphragm, T-250 type HP turbine rotor OJSC "Mosenergo"
CJSC "IES Holding"
PT-80/100-130 1 Supply of parts and components for the upgrade of PT-80/100-130 steam turbine St. 1 of Omsk TPP-5 "Quartz Group" Ltd. (JSC "Inter RAO UES")
PT-60/75-130-13 1 Kazan TPP-3 upgrade: PT-60/75-130-13 turbine replacement with T-27/33-1,28 bottom turbine. JSC "TGC-16"
T-116/125-130 1 Complex works to improve reliability and stability of T-116 steam turbine at TPP-16 OJSC "Mosenergo"
T-250/300-240 1 Cause analysis and preparation of a proposal to eliminate low-frequency vibration of T-250 turbine at TPP-23 OJSC "Mosenergo"